Tomioka Silk Mill as a World Industrial Heritage

Tomioka Silk Mill Industrial Heritage of Japan-Tomioka Silk Mill (Gunma, Japan)

M18=Tomioka xx11The “Tomioka Silk Mill”, located in Gunma, Japan, together with other related facilities, has been designated a World Industrial Heritage ruins of UNESCO in 2014. The author has visited this “Silk Mill” again in the last year, because I was already familiar with this mill since my young age, and wanted to see again the current figures of the facilities after pointed the World Heritage. By my visit of Mill, I could recognize again how it’s a really valuable facility and contributed to the industrial modernization of Japan in the early time. Then I decided to introduce this historical site for worldwide people in my humble Homepage. The following is the brief introduction of the facility.

(Contents )

1. Outline of Tomioka SilK Mill
2. Contributors of Tomioka Silk Mill
3. Significance of Tomioka Silk Mill and its Complex
4. Function of Tomioka Silk Mill in the World
5. Current Figures of Tomioka Silk Mill

The detail will be found in the following site:

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