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    Publishing here Home Page on Japanese technology development and industrial museums 

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Based on the experience in Ritsumeikan APU and Malaysia, I’ve been working for while to set up the Web sit on the Japanese industrial development and entrepreneurship in this half year. Finally this my work is still tentative but it has been completed in the temporary edition here. The Web was named the “Asia Japan Industrial Technology Museum Forum” .
The contents are annals of the industrial technology development process and their endeavors, and the introduction of the industrial  Museum in Japan (mainly in English).  I hope that Asian and Japanese young generation will take attention to my small challenge.

MJIIT Building 01I was given a chance of participating to the Japanese government project “Malaysia “Malaysia Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT)” several years ago, and the academic staff there, including me, have set up a small virtual museum regarding Japan’s engineering technology as the “Marzuki Khalid MJIIT Industrial Museum “in the university.

  • In 2014, I have returned to Japan after this academic mission. That time, I had been embracing an idea in my mind that the similar introductory work by Web site might benefit to the Asian students and young people in order make them understand the background of engineering technology matter of Japan, especially its development process, and also it might be functioned to strengthen the friendship between Asia and Japan.
  • cropped-cropped-front-picx-01x.jpgThen, over a period of half year, I’ve been engaging in work to make a homemade website the “Asia Japan Industrial Technology Museum Forum” by asking help from an APU student, and then it was finally completed as a preliminary HP site here.

The contents are annals of the industrial technology development process and their actors, and introduction of the industrial technology Museum in Japan (mainly in English).

  • MJIIT Museum 04This Web HP will be open to the public in the mid of November 2015. I hope that the viewers will examine the contents and give us your feedback if possible. Of course, I’m never expert in this field, so the viewer will find a lot of mistakes and shortcomings. But I have a small dream that the viewers from Asian young generation will appreciate this Web information from now on.

Kunio Igusa (APU Em Professor)

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