Casio Digital Museum visit

Casio Digital Museum visit : Visit Overview

This column shows my visiting report of Casio Toshio Museum in last September. It was an impressing visit being able to know how Casio Co. has been developed as a digital giant and consecutively producing innovative products in the electronics. Here’s the small report on the Kasio Toshio Com-memorial Museum:

The Casio Picture 15 Toshiooverall view, Initial and advance, Calculator development, Endeavor to Digital Watch , challenging to the new type of Musical Instrument, and tracks record of Mr. Kashio as a inventor 


1. How I visited the Casio Museum
2. asio’ s Calculator technology and its collection
3. Digital Watch consolidates Casio’s business
4. Casio has challenged to the new Musical Instrument
5. Mr. Kashio’s Personality and works

Casio Picture 13 RoomCasio Picture 02 FoundersCasio pictures 15 DentakuCasio Picture 14 watch


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Casio Digital Museum – see this!!




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