Visit Silk Museum in Yokohama

Visit Silk Museum in Yokohama – A Story Teller of Miracle Textile (B-006)

Silk M Silk Thread xx今回は横浜にある「シルク博物館」を訪ねてみた。私の生まれ故郷である群馬県富岡市の「富岡製糸所」を訪ねたのがきっかけである。この記録は以前に紹介した。()今回の訪問で、絹製品輸出の主要な窓口港の横浜、そして絹産業が日本の近代産業史にとって重要な役割を担ってきたことを改めて認識した。以下は、その報告を兼ねた印象記録である。

Silk M outlokI visited the Silk Museum in Yokohama last week. This visit was actually motivated by observing the memorial exhibits of Tomioka Silk Mill (now a World Industrial Heritage site. Refer to my blog:  ) in Gunma last year. And this time I expected that the Silk Museum might provide the information regarding how silk industry had grown as a major export product of Japan in history. Because the Museum was established in 1967 to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of opening Port City Yokohama, and I knew that Yokohama had bristled with this silk export business in the early time of Meiji period. The visiting was quite satisfactory one in this finding. The report is a small note of impression of visit with some additional data on silk industry.

See Full Report xx    “Visit Silk Museum of Yokohama” images

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