Review on Corporate Museum (1)

♣ Corporate Museum on Electronic, Machinery, and other Technology Industrial Fields

(under construction)

 Visit NTT History Center of Technology, Tokyo
         ― Looking for  the roots of Japanese telecommunication and its technology development 
Visit the Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments
       — Wonderful world music journey in the Hamamatsu Museum
Visit Mizuno Printing Museum in Tokyo
—  Insight of the printing history with amazing exhibits
Visit Toyota Industrial Museum (1) – Textile Pavilion
– —
Exploring the secret of Toyota’s initiative of textile industry innovation
Visit Toyota Industrial Technology Museum- (2)Automobile Pavilion
— Showing Toyota’s historical challenge and its current  technology of Toyota Vehicles
Visit Mizuno Printing Museum in Tokyo
—  Insight to the printing history with amazing collection
Visit “World Bag and Luggage Museum” of “ACE”
— Showing amazing collection of bags and their diversity
     Visit Toppan’s Printing Museum in Tokyo
– Explores development of printing world and society in history –
Visit Noritake Ceramics Museum in Nagoya
— Looking into the artistic endeavor  of Noritake’s ceramic business —
 Visit the Pearl Museum in Toba and Mikimoto
—  Explore the secret of pearl jewelry and Mikimoto’s pearl revolution
  Visit NYK Maritime Museum and Mitsubishi
— Museum shows how Japanese maritime industry was formed and developed
   Visit Paper Museum in Oji, Tokyo
—  A museum for deepening knowledge about paper’s culture
  Visit artistic Kawashima Textile Museum
– Find the culmination of weaving technology of art
   Visit Shimazu Foundation Memorial Hall
–Explore the roots of Shimazu which cradled a Nobel laureate engineer
   Visit Photo History Museum of Fujifilm
—- A Hot Spot showing the visible history of Japanese Cameras
   Visit to the Mitsubishi Industrial Museum
— Showcase of Challenging Technology of Mitsubishi HI today
   Visit the “i-Muse” IHI’s Technology Museum
— Exhibit IHI works on shipbuilding to space equipme
   Visit SEIKO Museum in Sumida, Tokyo
– A Museum ticks the history of clock & watch with the rich collection
   Visit the “Museum of Logistics” in Shinagawa
— Look into the logistics world now and past —
   Visit of Bridgestone Today; the Tire’s Science Museum
–Touch the Tire’s Engineering Technology and Entrepreneurship
Amazing TOTO Museum of the Innovative Toilet
— Showing Toilet Revolution and its Impact to Sanity Life
Visit the Sony Archives to explore the Sony Roots
— Touch the “Sony Spirit” in observing Sony’s innovative products
   Visit Olympus “Zuikodo” Technology Museum 
— Exhibits the essence of Olympus optical technology and engineering power
   Visiting Nikon Museum; Amazing Optic World
— Exhibits Nikon’s advanced camera technology and optic engineering skills
   Visit Silk Museum in Yokohama
– Story Teller on Silk Road and secret of miracle textile silk
   Visit Toshiba Science Museum in Kawasaki, Kanagawa
— Showing Toshiba’s advanced electronics products and engineering technology in history.
   Visit Casio Digital Museum exhibiti0n from Dentaku and watch to music machines 
— Explore into the digital techno-entrepreneur Kashio
(First Review from 2015)