Review of Science Museum of Universities

♣ Science Museum of University and other Public Facilities

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 Visit Japanese Sword Museum; an excellence of Japanese craftsmanship
— Exhibit many precious swords and ornaments of the national treasury class
   Visit Tokyo “Fire Museum” and probe Japan’s firefighting
— Exhibit Firefight practice in Japan from the past to the present
   Visit Tokyo Metro’s Subway Museum
— Amazing subway network in Metropolitan Tokyo and its development
   Visit Tokorozawa Aviation Museum in Tokyo
– Describing the dramatic history of aviation industries in Japan and world
   Visit the Nature and Science Museum of Tuat, Tokyo
– Museum is showing amazing collection of silk and textile products in history
   Visit the “Industrial Technology Museum” of Nippon Institute of Technology
– Explore the roots of machine industries in Japan
   Visit JAXA’s Space Center in Tsukuba and Japan’s space exploration
— looking into the history of Japan’s space exploration
   Visit Tokyo Waterworks Historical Museum
—  Explore the water management and technology in Edo and Meiji period
   Visit Japan Stationary Museum in Tokyo
– Explore the roots of writing and painting tools in history
   Visit the “Currency Museum” of Bank of Japan
–Explore the history of monetary affairs and economic life of Japan
   Visit Postal Museum in Tokyo
— Encounter the roots of Postal service in Japan
   Visit Chiba Museum of Science and Industry
— introducing the latest science & technology development in the Chiba and Tokyo metropolitan area
 Visit the Science Museum of TUS Univ. in Tokyo
— Proud of a bog collection of historic calculator and computing instruments in Japan
   JCII Camera Museum; a new charm of cameras
— Exhibit a big collection of various precious historic cameras in the world and Japan.