Sumida 3M movement and Seiko Museum; Visit Report

Introduction of Visit Sumida and Seiko Museum

I visited Seiko Museum in Sumida-ku, Tokyo in this autumn.This article is my memoirs of this visit.

The Tokyo Sumida-ku “is currently conducting an economic revitalization movement, called “3M Movement”, which is promoted by its local government and regional economic units. This section will focus on this movement and the famous Seiko’s clock and watch museum as a symbolic feature of Japanese precision mechanical engineering in the Tokyo down town area as well as Japanese watch technology development history in general.

墨田風景03Sumida 3M 001Seiko Museum Looks

1. Why I visited Sumida and Seiko Museum
2. Sumida’s Rise and Fall and borne of 3M Movement
3. What’s 3M Movement?
4. Seiko Museum to raise clocking sound of the technology history
5. “Wa-Dokei” area Exhibition and Japanese Historical Clocks
6. Epoch making appearance of Quarts watch
7. Current Position of Japanese Watchmakers in the World

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